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Ready to go back to work!

Usually I'm bummed out at the idea of going to work after a three day weekend, but not this time. I know I have things to do lined up, and the past three days have been lazy and restful although I did get things done.

Steve and I were married on a Friday the 13th, and Saturday was Valentine's Day, so we went to a place we frequent called Vero Amore here in Marana. They don't do reservations, they do a "call ahead". We tried doing that, but no one answered the phone. We told them this when we arrived, and they put us right at the top of the list in order to make things right. We were very happy about that. Steve ordered cioppino and I ordered a chicken sausage pizza. The owner has a certificate saying he's qualified to make Napolitan-style pizzas, and while I cannot swear that they are authentic, having not been to Naples, they are some of the best pizzas I've ever had. We walked out happy enough, went to Fry's (grocery chain here) and acted like a pair of fools, then home again where I kept watching "Arrow".

Saturday was the comic convention I wrote about already. Yesterday and today, we just did stuff around the house. Steve does not have valley fever, but he's still not well, so he sleeps a lot. I organized our tax documents so they can be scanned and sent to our accountant. Today I worked a little bit on my next Warhammer 40k squad. Steve and I tried watching the AMC show "Better Call Saul" but didn't like it and gave up.

Steve wanted to go see another show by the local wrestling league we saw a few weeks ago but I said no, he had to rest.

When I was working on the Brothers Hematic, I did it out in the enclosed porch. I always let the cats out with me when I do this, so if you've seen pictures of Miss Lalat up high above the door, that's what it's from. The cats usually just ignore me, although Bucky came along to check out what I was doing a few times. He really is a fun little love.


Feb. 17th, 2015 05:24 am (UTC)
Cioppino. Nommmmmm.


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