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Gone to church

Yesterday, February 20, was the first anniversary of my abuela's death. I felt that she would want me to go to Mass. I wasn't comfortable with the idea, but there have been times when I have been hesitant to do something or go somewhere and it's been worth it in the end. My specific fear was that Catholicism is kind of like heroin to me.

So I went to St. Augustine Cathedral at lunch. St Augustine's is a Spanish-style church with traditional architecture. Walking in, it felt as if nothing had changed since I left, although the responses and part of the Consecration have been altered to make them closer to the Latin. Since I've been reading a lot about Judaism, the first reading from Isaiah, about true fasting, didn't point towards the New Testament to me, nor did Psalm 51. The reading did reflect the Jewish origins of Christianity, though.

All in all, it felt like "going home again" but finding that home wasn't home anymore. I didn't leave feeling like my homesickness for it would be a problem.

It probably didn't help that yesterday was dark and overcast, although it didn't rain. Today was sunny, but I had errands before I went to Games Workshop to paint figures again. Jon the manager wasn't there; it was his birthday so he left the store to his part-time guy. Some kids did come in with parents to check it out, and had fun playing little ten-minute games, which was fun to see.

Back at home, Steve made Greek grilled chicken over rice. I ate about half of my dinner and the rest can be my lunch Monday, when it has some feta added to it.


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Feb. 22nd, 2015 04:06 am (UTC)
I think it's good that you went - interesting note.....many of the "changes" in the prayers are back to what they were when I was a kid
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