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Weather changes

The sky was somewhat overcast and the wind was cold. This was a perfect recipe for depression, which sank in as usual. That being said, I still managed to achieve my goals for the day.

I took the basil plant Steve had bought and put in the kitchen windowsill and planted it out front. I watered it with Miracle Gro and a couple of hours later it looked perkier than it had previously.

We had a little potato that had sprouted, so I planted that in the tomato box where my tomato plants had been doing so well until the two nights of freezing temperatures. I noticed that one of the plants was green at the base so I took off the brown branches and am hoping it will resurrect for the second time.

I picked up a lot of bottles and aluminum cans and put them in a bag to take to California with me in two weeks for recycling.

Steve and I made a trip out to get some pizza. On the way I stopped at Michael's craft supply, a store I do not enjoy at all, so I could get some elastic cord for my meta-journal and something to hold a book open while I type from it. I also found a package of paintbrushes for $7.99. Since I need a new fine-detail brush I picked that up.

We watched the WWE pay per view and it was meh. They should go back to having them every other month, or even quarterly as they did in the 90s.

I'll take extra Paxil tonight and hopefully I won't wake up hating life, because I really have no reason to do so.


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