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So far so good

I was late getting out to San Diego yesterday because I realized at work that I'd forgotten my CAC card. I live 15-20 minutes off the main road, so stopping by my house on the way west put me behind schedule. Card obtained, I continued on my merry way, stopping by the Space Age Lodge and Restaurant to take some pictures and pick up some postcards. I got in at 6, but Ryan had a party elsewhere so I didn't see him. I went for sushi at Chopstix Too, had a single beer, and checked into my hotel. I finished off the evening with a hot bath, a cup of oolong tea (I had brought it with me in my suitcase) and writing fanfic in bed.

Today I woke up naturally at 6:30 (7:30 to my body's internal clock), had breakfast, and went to work. LTC S is a vegan as I've said, so it was on her for us to go to Sipz for vegan Chinese food. Even our meat and potatoes guy likes it.

They also have amazing vegan cupcakes, but on Monday I decided that I was going to go off sugar as much as possible for a month to see what happens. It's hard because there is sugar in everything, and I know our lunch had it. Still, if I don't eat the cake, cookies, doughnuts, etc that always seem to be around the courthouse, it can't do anything but help me.


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