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The news is there is no news

Which is a good thing. Yesterday I got some Army travel docs completed that were way overdue because the Defense Travel System website isn't working on many people's computers, including mine. It was slow and frustrating, but it got done. This means that I will now be reimbursed for my gas and food when I come out here.

For dinner, I got together with seki_raku. I wanted to go to Fillipi's Pizza Grotto because that is so San Diego to me, and the food is decent. She hadn't been to one in years and ended up really enjoying her chicken marsala. I had a half serving of lasagna with maranara sauce, a cup of minstrone and a glass of wine. I had been planning to forgo any wine, but I was unwinding from a day of computer problems. After that we went out to her new abode, which is really nice and spacious. It's not fully decorated yet, and Seki always does a professional-level job of decorating her spaces, because she moved in quite recently.

I finished off my evening with journaling and listening to folk rock.

Today we had a couple of classes, which meant suicide prevention and Equal Opportunity AGAIN, partially because a pretty white woman Air Force captain shot herself recently so we all have to have our Consciousness Raised yet again. We all were aware that if it had been a black woman who'd killed herself, the chances of it being reported were a lot lower.

Almost time to change and get out of here. San Diego gas is a full dollar more than gas in Tucscon, so I'm only going to get a couple of gallons to get me to Yuma.


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