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The Thing hasn't killed me yet.

Yesterday after my last posting, Steve suggested we go out for pho. I agreed this would be medicinal, so we went out to Miss Saigon and I had pho with thin slices of beef brisket. Steve had beef Thai curry. My nose started to open up a few hours later. We went to Walmart for a few food and cooking items (Walmart here had marjoram, an herb Steve needs to make gyros later) and then home again.

I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 0900. I was having coffee and a piece of toast when Dawn called, asking if we wanted to go to brunch. Well, sure! We ended up at Cafe Baja, celebrating its first anniversary. Steve had amazingly good chilaquiles and I had two eggs over easy, hash browns, and one snickerdoodle pancake, which was lovely. Dawn had one of the southwest Benedicts and the birthday cake pancake they were offering that day which really tasted like birthday cake. It was crazy! Obviously these pancakes are ones you don't put syrup on.

We went to a very beautiful, well-stocked plant nursery after that. We came away with a chocolate mint plant, some clay stakes that you attach to a wine bottle full of water to water your plants, and a couple of garden statues. One of them is a gift for Dreya, the other is a little squirrel Buddha that I will take to work.

My nose is now clear, I'm only coughing once in a while, and I'm ready for a full week of work. I sure don't want to miss any more hours; the Army pay system is down yet again.


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