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More action than you can shake a stick at.

My parents came out here on Friday. I'm at the point in my life where they really can't nag me about very much, I realized. Steve and I own our place outright, he's a lawyer and I have a better-than-respectable job. So we took them on a tour of the hacienda, then went over to Vero Amore (our favourite Italian place in Oro Valley) for dinner since they do no-meat Fridays during Lent. Dad was impressed by the food. This is always a challenge because he's such a great cook, and knows a good meal when he chows down on it.

Saturday morning, Steve had the MCLE so he went to take that. My parents and I went to Tohono Chul park to look at desert plants and different cacti, many of which were flowering. After Steve got done with his exam, we all went to El Charro (Oro Valley location) for lunch. This was critical because Dad had never had carne seca (air-dried beef) which is a Sonora specialty. That went over just fine. He said the refried beans were "almost" as good as his grandfather's, so that's awfully high praise.

We went back to the hacienda so we could watch the Wildcats lose to Wisconsin, which made us all very sad. Then the Martins came over so they could meet the parents, and the parents could meet the neighbours. We don't want them to think we're isolated out here!

Sunday my folks went to church, then we drove over to Cattleman's Cafe at the Marana stockyards. Dad ordered a chorizo and cheese omelet with home fries and proclaimed it to be the breakfast he'd been looking for. Mom and I were both tired and nappy, so after a visit with all of us sitting in the Arizona room, my parents headed back to Chandler where my cousin Debbie lives.

That night was Wrestlemania, so Steve and I settled in for that. The spectacle going with the show was ridiculous (what does Sting have to do with Taiko drummers? Why did Bray Wyatt get a bigger entrance than the Undertaker?) but a lot was redeemed by the unexpected twist ending. Nathan commented that the twist worked because it made so much sense, and we've come to expect nonsensical storylines from the WWE. Sad, but true.

I've been sluggish all week. I did get in a two-mile run on Monday and an abs workout Tuesday, but otherwise I've been sleepy and listless. I think I need my weekends way more than I ever suspected I did. I'm thus very glad I have one coming up. I will be leaving for Ft. Huachuca for Annual Training on Sunday afternoon, but it sounds as if we won't work outside banker's hours. Since Ft. Huachuca is only 100 miles away, I'll come home on Friday night. I'll miss Steve and the cats (Bucky will be distressed) but I plan to fill my evenings painting miniatures and writing fiction, so it should be worthwhile time.


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