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AT time again

I'm at Ft. Huachuca, up in the mountains. I love being in the mountains, but am having issues with the thin air.

Because I'm here for two weeks, I'm at the Candlewood Suites. I requested a room with a kitchenette, and I got one. It has a full-sized fridge, a two-burner electric stove and even a dishwasher. It's not as lavish as the Residence Inn chain with its rosewood cabinets, place settings for four with wine glasses in the cabinets, and separate dining table and desk, but it suits me fine. I estimate this studio apartment is about 125 square feet and besides a lack of places to put my books, it would be quite livable long-term by myself.

Which gets me thinking about my recent interest at looking at things I don't need. I don't need a skin for my Kindle Paperwhite; I have a wonderful handmade quilted case for it. I don't need or even really want the latest version of the Kindle Fire; I seldom use the one I own now although it's useful for books with colour illustrations. And I have no idea why I'm looking at esoteric MP3 players like the Pono or the FiiO aside from the idea of being able to listen to music in an extremely high-quality format. But I keep looking.

I'm working at the JAG office here and enjoying it. Huachuca must be the most laid back active duty base out there. I've been reviewing case files and administrative packets. Today I did the court-reporter thing for an Article 32 hearing (like a grand jury, only with one officer conducting it) and worked my behind off. So it was nice to get home, take food out of the fridge and cupboards and make dinner. I felt much more grounded than if I had just taken a frozen meal out and microwaved it. I wanted to cook today, but the green salad in the fridge won't wait another day so I'll start eating that tomorrow.


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