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Tired, Army tired, wah wah

Steve and I drove in Friday. Since I've decided that I need to just take the Friday before drill off so I can get here in reasonable amounts of time, we got in, went to the Kilt, and hung out with Ryan.

Saturday I was off with LTC S and SGT S to Los Al for a change of command ceremony. Our dear COL J was trading off to COL W. SGT S put COL W's nephew in the Army, and said nephew is doing great things, so we are already on solid ground there. However, this meant that we spent a good two hours or more standing at attention or at parade rest during speeches. LTC S had never been at a ceremony like that before. As for me, maybe it was that we were standing on asphalt, but my hips and lower back started to kill me like whoa. Like a 7 out of 10 on the pain scale. I've stood in formations for a long time before, but never felt like this. Maybe because previously it was on grass? I don't know, but it was pretty horrible. Ibuprofen and sitting down finally came to the rescue; pain is at about a 2 today. If sitting helps, I do have a six hour sit ahead of me with the ride back to AZ.

During the day, Steve was with Ma'am. Ma'am's son was being awarded his Eagle Scout, and being an Eagle has always been very important to Steve. So he attended the ceremony and said it was a good one. After I'd showered and changed into civvies, we went for sushi and I ate like it was my last meal. I must have been hungrier than I thought (and I knew I was hungry) because even after stuffing myself I felt comfortably full.

I slept in till 7, and have had a turkey/spinach/egg white sandwich from Panera (mmmm!) and we're fighting with the computers at work. So back to the normal work day in the Army Reserves.


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Jun. 7th, 2015 07:26 pm (UTC)
Is Steve an Eagle Scout? Cool.

We seem to only go to Panera when the power is out or Mom of Frood is in town. (It's the only place with outlets and decent wifi that's open past 9. Starbucks has wifi and is open past 9, but it doesn't have many outlets.)
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