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Materialism Day

Well, it depends on what you consider "materialism".

Steve wanted to go to Ikea to look at drawers and different ways of organizing our kitchen shelves. So we drove up to Tempe to the store and walked out with quite a number of items, none of which were actually related to what he was looking for. We got some containers to tidy up the kitchen sink (which is a perennial mess), a bamboo holder for cookbooks or a tablet showing a recipe, an ice cream scoop and some other things. I also got a $13 end table that is just the right height for me to paint my Space Marine miniatures. If I'm sitting on the floor, the surface of the table is just below eye level so I can get in very close. We also got a DVD shelf unit to replace the one Bucky knocked over a few months ago. Bucky loves to push things.

After that, we were hungry so we met with Mandel for an impromptu meeting of Steves, Inc. Resolved: Parks & Recreation is a great show.

We drove back to Marana, then kept going to Cortaro Road to the Verizon store. Since our two year contract was over, we removed features we weren't using and I got my iPhone 6. I already really like it, although I have yet to test the camera or the sound quality. I will later. The case was waiting for me in a box when we got back to the house, so the "brightly coloured object" has been obtained.

Looking forward to a day at home tomorrow!


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