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Half a century down, a full century to go!

To paraphrase Rob Lowe's character on "Parks and Recreation": They say the first person to live to 150 has already been born. I believe myself to be that person.

My birthday was Monday the 10th, and I was working, so I decided to celebrate during the weekend. I started off on a pious note, attending Kabbalat Shabbat (preceded by Chardonnay Shabbat in the social hall, cause I am always down for wine and cheese) at Temple Emanu-El, as described elsewhere.

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast, so Steve and I went to The Good Egg to have it. The pancakes and French toast didn't appeal; they looked way too sugary, so I ended up with an egg, gruyere, turkey and spinach sandwich on a brioche roll. Saturday was uneventful, which is fine.

On Sunday, I'd announced that I'd be having a lunch at El Charro. This is the Oro Valley branch of a restaurant that's been in Tucson since 1922, and the original location is still open. I like the Oro Valley location better because it's big and open and modern, whereas the old location is in a very old adobe house and dark and close. Dawn, Jake, and Sarah came with us. Bean! had just arrived in Arizona from Korea, and he showed up with the Beanparents so we had a nice party. I had asked Bean! if he could find me a Tanzo travelers notebook, which they don't ship outside Korea and which is apparently hard to find even in Korea. It has four elastic bands and accommodates larger notebooks. He brought me one, in red, and I was so happy. It fits the little cahiers Steve got me for my birthday.

After lunch and my tres leches cake (the staff sang happy birthday. A sombrero was involved) we went to the hacienda for a little bit. I didn't need to eat again that day.

Monday my boss gave me a gift card for some upscale restaurants because she knows I'm a foodie. I was taken to lunch at Sushi Cho which was okay; I admit to having some places in town I prefer but this was still nice. I'm glad I have a job with such great co-workers; as people who knew me in 2004 are aware, this has not always been the case!


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Aug. 12th, 2015 11:52 pm (UTC)
Happy b-day!
Aug. 13th, 2015 02:43 am (UTC)
::giggles in eccentricity::

I approve of your longevity goal ... even if it's only to piss off some people! You really had some lovely foodie experiences. And received thoughtful prezzies. Yay, again.
Aug. 14th, 2015 07:53 pm (UTC)
Seriously late: Happy Birthday!
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