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Well that was stressful

The original plan was for the San Diego team to go up to Los Al on Saturday, spend the night in the on-post billeting, do the APFT (pt test), then go back to San Diego. I would just leave on Sunday from Los Alamitos, or stay Sunday night in Los Al and drive home Monday.

Well, that got changed the Thursday before. Now the APFT was going to be Saturday morning, which meant that after staying the night in SD on my own dime (because there was no money in the government coffer to pay for it), I got up at 0430, drove to Los Al, took the PT test and failed my run by 40 seconds. Incidentally, the run was a full five hours (and a 90 minute drive) after getting up. So I'm flagged and cannot be promoted until I pass both another APFT and BMI.

I stayed Saturday night and had been told there would be a full house in the billeting. There wasn't. I ended up having my own room. At least that was a nice surprise.

Sunday night I was one of maybe six people in the whole building. It was unnerving although I knew I was probably perfectly safe. I had crazy dreams and woke up convinced I was in a film directed by Salvador Dali.

My drive was okay, although severely slowed down by heavy rain in California. It stopped by the time I reached the mountain pass before Ocotillo, and I made good time into Arizona. Once home, Steve made a homemade pizza baked on one of the cast iron pans he's restored, and we watched wrestling.

Now I'm sitting here unemployed and I know I need to start making profiles on yet more job sites. It'll happen. I just need some time to breathe.


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Oct. 8th, 2015 06:36 am (UTC)
For what my advice is worth: take the time to breathe and decompress. If you can't get all the way to your happy place, at least try to get to a neutral space where you can function effectively, and then drive on.

Good luck to you.
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