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Adventures of a Pogey Recipient

I am amazed at how busy I am even unemployed. I do spend a lot of time applying for jobs, have been moving things around in the house, reading books, and not going to the gym as much as I really should.

Saturday was Tucson Meet Yourself, which is our yearly folklife festival. We made the aquaintance of Pascua Yaqui artist Lydia Maldonado, who surprisingly doesn't have her own web site. She does soft-focused images of modern day Native life in Arizona. There was one portrait of a boy on a basketball court that really drew Steve's attention, but right now we don't have any money to spend. I feel strongly about having art in homes but the circumstances aren't right.

We found out that U of A has a tree ring lab, and they give tours. Tree rings are one of the best recordings of weather and rain fluctuations, and correspondingly the reason I don't believe in purely anthropogenic climate change. I am continuingly interested in this subject, so I need to give them a call.

We discovered there is a very large Turkish population and a Ukrainian one as well.

Finally, we came away with information on how to be a professional interpreter (I doubt if there is much call for French, but I'm going to register anyway), a book on Arizona state parks, and the surprising knowledge that Tucson has three Buddhist temples.

We opened the saloon at 7 pm as usual. We only had three or four people come by. Today (Sunday) I went to pick up some wood pallets from a woman who lives northeast of us. She said she wants to come by the saloon one Saturday, but that between long hours at work and having animals, she is usually just too tired. I encouraged her to do so because when we do get a larger crowd we are able to talk about wandering animals, townies coming up to our area to shoot guns randomly and how we can stop them, and of course the ever popular well woes.

Someone had to come out to find out why our well pump was getting wonky. Turned out it was a circuit breaker problem, and everyone is grateful for that because it's a pretty easy fix. After that, Steve and I watched "Frozen" which we'd gotten from the Redbox. It wasn't one of Disney's best efforts, but it was Scandinavian and had good themes. Earlier I watched "Jupiter Ascending" which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. It's a science-fiction fantasy tale with amazing costumes, sets, and special effects.

I'm also reading "The Iliad" finally. Of course I know the story, but I'd never actually sat down to read the whole thing. I'll tackle "The Odyssey" next.


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