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Getting things done

I've been in a depression for the past couple of days. Yesterday I worked at home and then Steve and I went to the National Guard gym for a workout. For dinner he made a hearty chicken soup using broth he canned himself!

Today he had medical appointments, so I had the house to myself for most of the day. As an introvert, this was long overdue. I mostly did Army paperwork, forwarding e-mails I sent around the 19th to the people I'd mailed them to the first time who hadn't seen them for whatever reason. My NCOER support form (my input for my NCOER which is my "report card" as an NCO) is done and I sent it on Sunday. It's not due till January 4. I ended up resending that, my transfer request, and more medical records to support my request for a walking profile (a document saying that for medical reasons, I cannot run). If I end up not going to drill weekend at all in January, you know I won't cry.

Oh yeah, and I had a third interview (over the phone) with Pima County. The fourth step will no doubt be in person.

I also scrubbed our granite counters and cleaned up the kitchen floors. I cleaned the litter boxes and got the dirty stuff out the door.

Steve came home with a rotisserie chicken, so now we're watching WWE Network but will switch over to "Daredevil" in a few.


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