This is it, the Apocalypse (kishiriadgr) wrote,
This is it, the Apocalypse

Well that made me sad....

There was a sale and we also had Amazon credit, so I ordered the 7' Kindle Fire. Especially since now it's available in purple (or, as they call it, magenta). It ended up being less than $30.

I like how the packing was minimal; a cardboard sleeve with the item in a plastic bag inside. It was half the weight of my Samsung 10' tablet (inherited from Sigyn) and while the plastic back felt a little cheap, that didn't bother me.

What bothered me was that when I put in my 8 GB SD card, it didn't read a single thing on it. Even the .mobi files. That was the entire reason for me buying it, so even though it felt perfect in my hand and the screen looked great, I decided that it was just going to be another electronic around my house. I already have a Kindle Paperwhite, so having a lightweight device to read with is covered. The Samsung is for PDF books, epubs, and books with colour pictures.

Back to my gigantic tablet, then.

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