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Tales of the Bedraggled

Everybody knows I love my cool and cold weather. However, I've always loved it in places where, while much, much, MUCH colder than SoCal we also have the common sense to have, y'know, heating systems in our house.

Last night it was in the high 40s. It was so cold that Steve developed a migraine, making it necessary for me to get up at about 4 a.m. to rummage through my Army duffle until I found my PT hat, which is just a black watch cap or toque, for my fellow Canadians. The pain went away very promptly, so he's even wearing it now. (It makes him look like he has a POINTED HEAD.)

There's one thing worse than having a house that is that cold, and it's having a house that LEAKS. A small bit of description: Our house is a rectangle divided into three rooms. Each room has a door to the outside. The living room has the front door and the bedroom and kitchen both have doors on the side leading to the yard.

My side of the bed is beside the bedroom outside door. Since the floor is always cold, even in the summer, I have a little throw rug there so when I put my feet on the floor, I won't freeze them right away.

Last night I discovered that the throw rug was soaked. I mean sodden. I scooped it up and tossed it outside onto the deck and had to replace it with towels. I knew the weatherstripping was bad but this just blew my mind.

The towels from last night's shower were still damp and clammy when I took my shower tonight. This is not fun at all.

Further to no fun, I knew I never wanted to get into family law; I just fell into it out of necessity. However I've gone past "family law is distasteful" to "family law needs to just die in a fire." Today I've had to talk to one woman coming in so she can try to get custody of her daughter (don't know details; she started crying and I couldn't deal with that) and making copies of a TRO (temporary restraining order) for the victim of a marital rape. By the way, the descriptions that go into the history on a TRO are graphic. I ended up wanting to just hunt down and kill this guy, which made me realize I need to find a nice ambulance-chasing firm or something.


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