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Directions on how I'll know when I reach the latrines behind the JAG shop.

MAJ E and I spent this morning getting our CAC cards configured so we can log on to the computers in the JAG office. We're going back there after lunch. This gives us actual work. I have to research if having a poker night where there is an entrance fee that can be won (as oppose to players betting against each other) is legal. This will be fun.

Things are better, much better, on the SSGT B front. She obviously has nothing against me, and I haven't had to request that she Stay In Her Lane about my mobility. So we went to the gym together this morning and it turns out that she likes anime, at least what she's seen on the Cartoon Network. I expected mockery for my anime collection, instead my roommates want to see.

Only one problem roommate and she's a problem for us all. We'll call her Loonygirl because, well, she is. I'd gotten the feeling she wasn't all there from day 1 and she's extremely inconsiderate as well. She went off after dinner but didn't come in until 2315. Most of us had been in bed since 2100, and we'd left a light on for her. Did she turn this light off when she went to bed? Of course not, because it wasn't near HER bed. Then at 0400 I awakened to the sound of paper bags rattling, which I immediately protested. "Oh, I'm just getting up for a shower," she said.

Now, bad enough that three of the engineers need to get up at 5. She thought nothing of being noisy an hour before that because she's too dumb to think of laying out her clothes on a spare cot to grab.

B and I also ran into her on our way to the gym. She was in civvies, videotaping her surroundings. Now, while I object to B's request for buddies during the day, the fact is that at night this base is NOT SAFE. Locals do occasionally hop the fence and JFT Bravo has a boatload of bars to serve a very small group of very bored personnel. This is a recipe for trouble. I predict Loonygirl will be seeing an Article 15 for *something* while she's here because despite the no-drinking rule for those of us on this mission, I think she was drunk when she came in briefly while I was reading in the tent by myself. She was flushed and stumbling. Since I don't know for sure, I'm not saying anything. She's digging a deep enough hole for herself already.

The weather has cooled down and is really pleasant. The JAG office is in its own little compound surrounded by banana trees. And yes, when you come to the building where the chicken has its own room (she was asleep in a milk crate full of rags when I saw her), that's the latrine.


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Apr. 9th, 2009 06:42 am (UTC)
There's always one, isn't there?

Please take pictures!
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