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Settling in

I started work in the JAG office yesterday. I've briefed some regulations and Honduran law for the attorney, corrected one Power of Attorney and created another. The only thing that would make me completely autonomous in the Legal Aid office is if I had my Federal Notary, so I'll take care of that when I get back.

It's funny though; I think JAG are more feared than CID. If I tell Gundam fans that the rest of the military seems to think of us like the Federation forces did the Titans it wouldn't be far off. When I was introducing myself to my roommates, we of course were all telling each other our MOSs. I said I was JAG and a chill fell over the room. I had to explain we do MORE than Article 15s, that we also do family law, the aforementioned POAs, advise the commander, etc. I think they were only slightly mollified.

(Article 15 = punishments handed down that don't involve low-level court martials.)

B's wanting battle buddies is no longer even an issue. It's only common sense to be in twos at night, but she realizes it's perfectly all right during daylight hours.

Loonygirl continues to be loony. B and I both start work at 0800 and 0900 respectively, so we were trying to sleep in. Loonygirl suddenly starts pulling up the flaps over the tent windows. When I protested she said "I need the light to find something." (She brought four dufflebags of crap.) I told her she could always turn on the light over her cot and her excuse was, "That wasn't enough light." What an idiot. Last night one of the NCOs was calling for her but she couldn't get up and talk to him because she'd taken her Blackberry apart (yes, she brought a Blackberry) and there were small pieces and she had to put it back together. No one likes her. It'd be one thing if she was flaky but really nice, but she's absolutely self-absorbed on top of being terminally stupid.

I have my pass for tomorrow and Holy Saturday. Yay!

Further yay, and I'll get pictures of this: the vehicles used on post are glorified golf carts referred to as (no lie) government mules. Chief S (Navy guy, the usual paralegal) had me drive him around post in one.

I've seen the rooster who's married to the chicken. He's very handsome.


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Apr. 9th, 2009 09:44 pm (UTC)
Regarding your flaky roomie, of course she's never heard of a flashlight either. BTW, how challenging is her MOS?
Apr. 9th, 2009 11:27 pm (UTC)

The family law part may be scaring them as well. Think about how many divorced Soldiers there are.

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